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Cavo Paradiso: Located left on the hill at Paradise beach over the Aegean Sea. Build on stones like a castle with a pool in the shape of Myconos and 2 bars in different levels. There is a big parking space and a canteen outside the club where you can have delicious snack before entering. The dancefloor is big and right in front of the decks!
Spacedance Club: If your purpose is to enjoy with the best possible way in Mykonos, the only thing you need is to stay near to spacedance, minimize the distances and earn time for dancing and enjoying.
Paradise Club: Before sunset, with the latest techno playing seems to get everyone into the swing for a pool party unforgettable.
Pierro's Club: Piero's is the most renowned gay venue on Mykonos and something of an institution. It encourages a mixed crowd who party the night away on the dancefloor or enjoy an al fresco drink under the stars.
Skandinavian Bar and Disco: It's located in the middle of a highly-traveled pedestrian intersection and is the social gathering spot of the entire Cyclades.
Anemoi Bar: A Music feedback in the central of Mykonos town.
Egli Bar: Usually attracts young ages. Beat and clean drinks.
Astra Bar:  Has a history which goes back many years, maintains its good old reputation, but with a cooler attitude. Strong music and an older crowd.
Agyra: The good old bar maintains its high spirits and creates an always dependable solution. Beat music.
Caprice Bar: Located in the Venice section of Mykonos, it is right on the water and offers a pastoral setting either inside or on tables outside right over rushing waves.
Bareladiko Club: A part of a famous Greek club-chain. Young ages and dancing on the barrels.
Argo: Things become more "rock" and more relaxed, with music that takes you back in the decades.
Uno: Further down from Argo. You will listen to pleasant foreign music, meet people and feel comfortable.
Mad: Right above the taxi-station, beat music and cool people who don't get tired of dancing.
Remezzo: Necessary stop towards the end of the night. Don't forget to take your car from the parking lot. High spirits and diverse crowd.
Oniro: Right above Remezzo, on the road to Tourlo. Cool atmosphere overlooking the Aegean. Cute and attractive.
9 Mousses: By the sea port, you'll dance to the latest Greek hits and you'll have a purely Greek and fun evening.


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